We worship in two different styles each weekend.

Thursdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 8 am and 9:30 am, we worship in a traditional format. We follow a set order of worship and sing hymns accompanied by an organ or piano. The order of worship and the words are projected on a screen, so the service is easy to follow. (From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, we have our Thursday service and one Sunday traditional service at 9 am.)

We worship in a contemporary style Sundays at 11 am.

This service is held in our fellowship hall (on the south end of our facility). Here informality is the only rule. We sit around tables, enjoying coffee and donuts. (We call this service our Brew Service.) We sing praise songs led by keyboard, guitars, and drums.

In all of our services, our pastors preach God’s Word to us, taking a reading out of the Bible and asking what it means for us today. They are eager to preach the Good News, that in the death and resurrection of Jesus, God has shown His love for us.

Here are some other things you may like to know your first time:

For our traditional services, our main entrance is under the carport on the east side of the building. (This is our handicapped accessible entrance.) There’s also an entrance on the north side of the building if you park out in that direction. That entrance does have a few stairs to negotiate.

For our brew service, the entrance is under the canopy on the southeast side of the building.

No matter where you enter, we try to have someone close by to welcome you and help you get your bearings.

You should also know that children are absolutely welcome in all of our services! As a matter of fact, we love them! Often at our 8 o’clock service, our pastors will have a message, especially for children. (Sunday school for preschool through 8th grade is at 9:30 am, so we have fewer children at the 9:30 service.)

We have activity bags and children’s bulletins, too. And we have a nursery (unstaffed) just off the main sanctuary, where you can still hear the service, even if your little one needs a break from it.

One last thing. You might wonder what to wear. You will find a wide range of attire at Divine Savior. Some of our worshipers dress casually, and you’ll see plenty of jeans and shorts. Some worshipers dress up a little more. Some men wear ties and some women wear skirts or dresses. We are a lot more concerned that you join us than we are about what you wear. Contact us today to learn more!